Big Tobacco Targets Maryland Kids

Tobacco companies have a long history of targeting kids. Maryland legislators can protect the health and futures of our youth by enacting stronger policies to protect our kids from a lifetime of addiction and illness.


A new poll conducted by OpinionWorks shows a resounding 81% of Marylanders support strengthening laws to prevent tobacco sales to youth and teens. The poll provided a representative sample of Maryland voters with policies for addressing youth access to tobacco products. Voters from all backgrounds responded with strong support for a broad array of options to limit access:
  • 70% support ending the sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol-flavored cigarettes.
  • 69% support including vaping in Maryland’s Clean Indoor Air Act to prohibit vaping inside public places.
  • 68% support limiting the number (or density) of vape shops in a single neighborhood.
  • Only 25% of voters think the State of Maryland is doing enough to limit access to tobacco products for children and teens.
To protect profits and addict lifelong customers, the tobacco industry spins any effort to further regulate tobacco access as detrimental to “small businesses” or uses scare tactics involving the importance of tobacco tax revenue. Studies from states with stronger restrictions prove Big Tobacco’s claims are meritless, and the poll shows Maryland’s voters agree.
  • 77% believe it is better to continue driving down tobacco use, and find other revenue sources to replace tobacco tax revenue.
  • 63% believe it is more important to protect children and teens from tobacco products with stronger regulations, compared to 30% who put greater priority on protecting small businesses that sell tobacco products.


A broad, diverse group of community and faith organizations support ending flavored tobacco sales in Maryland:

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